Alexander Kazanjian

Alexander Kazanjian

Partner - Portfolio Solutions

Alex is a Partner in our Portfolio Solutions team, part of the Structured Solutions team.

Alex’s career began in 2013 at Aon, where he held various roles. His most recent role at Aon was in the Reinsurance Solution’s Global MGA and Portfolio Solutions team. In this role, he built proprietary portfolio solutions such as Marlin and Landmark, which were multi-territory, multi-class portfolios within the Reinsurance industry. In addition, Alex successfully syndicated capital for MGA clients. Prior to his role in the Reinsurance Solution’s Global MGA and Portfolio Solutions team, Alex worked in Aon’s Innovative Solutions, Affinity and Aon Hewitt’s corporate pensions solutions teams.

If Alex was not working with McGill and Partners, he would still be figuring out what it is he wants to do.

“I joined McGill and Partners because passionate people are intoxicating, and McGill and Partners is full of so many of them. Plus, a team that isn’t afraid to make decisions is a unique proposition for innovation, execution and delivering value”

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