Tanya Novak

Tanya Novak

Associate - Strategy and Operations

London, UK

Tanya joined McGill and Partners as a Strategy and Operations Associate back in 2019 and played a key role in setting up the business before the launch. She continues to focus on supporting cross-functional collaboration to develop, implement, and manage business processes, systems and analytics that optimise business functions to meet our key strategic objectives and initiatives.

Tanya began her career as a management consultant working on performance improvement and operational excellence projects for multi-national clients from various industries. After 5 years in management consulting and before joining McGill and Partners, Tanya took a year off to complete an MBA degree at INSEAD in France and Singapore.

If Tanya was not working for McGill and Partners, she would be managing a small international chain of boutique hotels.

“I joined McGill and Partners for an opportunity to help build a truly unique business that aims to deliver the best solutions to its clients.”

To get in touch with Tanya, email:

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