Tresa Neelan

Tresa Neelan

Head of US Operations

Greater New York Area, NY

Tresa is Head of Operations for our US team, McGill Global Risk Solutions LLC. Her main responsibilities include strategic leadership to organisational work whilst focusing on sustainable growth and operational excellency.

Tresa brings over 27 years’ experience in insurance, her most recent role being Operations Insights & Information Leader, where she focused on process improvement through technology and had responsibilities across multiple areas of the business.

If Tresa was not working for McGill and Partners, she would own many acres of property with a pond, so she can breed dogs of all kinds to run and swim at their leisure.

“I joined McGill and Partners for the incredible opportunity to work with the top talent in our industry and help build an innovative and dynamic insurance brokerage company.”

To get in touch with Tresa, email:

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