Lorcan Neary

Lorcan Neary

Enterprise Data Architect

Lorcan is our Enterprise Data Architect, based in Ireland.

Lorcan is a full stack Data Engineer/Architect/Scientist and gets involved with all aspects of a solution – platform, process and data stores. Lorcan has near 30 years experience in data. He very nearly became an actuary. He started his career in data working in the City back in the mid 90s, building systems to support derivative trading and risk management on derivatives. His focus quickly came to data, how to process it, structure it and get value from it. Lorcan has worked predominantly in capital markets, however, has experience with telcos, media, healthcare and latterly, with the advent of aggregator sites, insurers. He has worked in the City, US (California and New York0, Switzerland, and the Caribbean. Recently many of his clients have been start-ups doing pivots in the Big Data/IoT/ML space, but mostly he’s worked for Bluechips.

If Lorcan was not working for McGill and Partners, he would be sailing or fishing.

“I joined McGill and Partners because they are growing quickly and what they do with data is pivotal to their success, and I want to be in a place where what I do has an impact.”

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