Ritu Arora

Ritu Arora

Senior Data & MI Analyst

Ritu is a Senior Data & MI Analyst in our Broking Operations team. She has built several key projects within McGill and Partners including Opening Memo KPI/ SLA Tracker, WP Management Tracker, IT support, and Claims WP tracker, which are used across the company by brokers, speciality teams, and outsourcing partners.

Prior to joining our Data Analytics team, Ritu worked as a development lead within the McGill and Partners Technology team. As development lead, Ritu delivered multiple enterprise application solutions and mentored data migration projects. She has over 16 years’ work experience and has worked in almost every sector, including domestic and general insurance, banks, Fin Tech consultancy and media.

If Ritu was not working for McGill and Partners, she would be running a care home for the elderly.

“I joined McGill and Partners to work with a great team that puts innovation, data/technology, employees, and clients at the heart of everything they do.”

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